Everyday home gear made smart

Makula Dunbar Contributor More posts by this contributor Wireless headphones and earbuds to fit your budget Back-to-college tech for minimalists and the over-prepared Editor’s note: This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and TechCrunch may earn affiliate commissions. If you only have one […]

The funding mirage: How to secure international investment from emerging markets

Jose Deustua Contributor Looking for funding as a startup in Latin America is a lot like looking for a watering hole in the middle of the desert. You know it’s out there, but finding it in time is a life or death situation. Granted, venture capital investment in the region is at an all-time high, […]

Latin America is the next stage in the race for dominance in the ride-hailing market

Nathan Lustig Contributor Nathan Lustig is an entrepreneur and managing partner at Magma Partners, a seed-stage investment fund in Santiago, Chile. More posts by this contributor Latin America’s Movile is quietly building a mobile empire Latin America’s Groupon Mafia As the number of competitors in the ride-hailing industry dwindles, geographic expansion is emerging as the […]

Measuring AI startups by the right yardstick

Ivy Nguyen Contributor More posts by this contributor Finding the Goldilocks zone for applied AI GDPR panic may spur data and AI innovation Building a B2B AI startup is hard enough between struggling to obtain training data and fighting with major tech companies to secure talent. Building a B2B AI startup held to the well-established […]

How corporations and startups can more effectively work with one another

Maria Palma Contributor Maria Palma is vice president of Business Development and head of Platform at RRE Ventures. Build versus buy? Potential partner or potential disruptor? The option set for corporations to collaborate with startups used to be simpler. Today, the options seem almost endless: build, partner, buy, integrate with their APIs, co-develop product together, […]

Global unicorn exits hit multi-year high in 2018

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor Boston-area startups are on pace to overtake NYC venture totals Home run exits happen stealthily for biotech Unicorn exits are taking flight. With the IPO window wide open, an apparent record number of venture-backed companies privately valued over $1 billion have launched public offerings this year. Crunchbase […]

A new foreign investment bill will impact venture capital and the US startup ecosystem

Bobby Franklin Contributor More posts by this contributor The startup community must defend merit-based immigration Ensuring foreign-born founders can grow their startups in the U.S. President Trump’s time in office has been punctuated by rising tension with China on a host of economic issues. He’s received bipartisan criticism for the impact of tariffs on Chinese […]

The Reality Ecosystem: What AR/VR/XR needs to go big

Tim Merel Contributor More posts by this contributor China could beat America in AR/VR long-term Ubiquitous AR to dominate focused VR by 2022 AR/VR/XR are going to be big, but not everyone will win. Today’s market is a collection of related point solutions to specific problems, but not a fully functioning ecosystem. Not yet. For […]

Facebook is going back to college

Ryan Craig Contributor More posts by this contributor Broadening education investments to full-stack solutions College for the 21st century Kids these days take a greater interest in practical things than we give them credit for. For example, this summer my 12-year-old son Leo was at sleepaway camp in Canada. When we received his first letter […]

Startups should read this checklist before they go ‘whale hunting’ for big partners

David Frankel Contributor More posts by this contributor You earn a million dollars a year and can’t get funded? Dear auto entrepreneurs, please think outside the gearbox A top-four tech company recently approached the CEO of one of our B2B portfolio companies with a tremendous offer. This company, with buy-in from its world-famous CEO, believes […]