Telemedicine startups are positioning themselves for a post-pandemic world

Telemedicine, in its original form of the phone call, has been around for decades. For people in remote or rural areas without easy access to in-person care, consulting a doctor over the phone has often been the go-to approach. But for a large swath of the world used to taking half a day off work […]

Should startups build or buy telehealth infrastructure?

Digital health in the U.S. got a huge boost from COVID-19 as more people started consulting physicians and urgent care providers remotely in the midst of lockdowns. So much so that McKinsey estimates that up to $250 billion of the current healthcare expenditure in the U.S. has the potential to be spent virtually. The prominence […]

3 golden rules for health tech entrepreneurs

Dr. Bobbie Kumar Contributor Dr. Bobbie Kumar is a board-certified family physician and director of Clinical Innovation at Inflect Health as well as as director of Clinical Innovation at Vituity, leading many of Vituity’s transformative programs including telemedicine, care navigation and health technology next-generation prototype programs. If the last 10 years practicing family medicine have […]